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Brokerage Services

PFL is an independent interdealer broker in the wholesale physical biofuel, agriculture, CCA, RIN, and LCFS markets.

We offer a broad range of specialist services to trading professionals, including the matching of buyers and sellers in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets. We are client focused, innovative, driven and responsive. PFL's team of market specialists consistently strive to provide unrivaled voice brokerage services, up-to-the-minute market information, timely execution of transactions, and efficient post trade services for our clients. We act as an independent introducing broker in all dealings to deliver the best, most accurate and unbiased prices for all products and terms we broker

Physical Markets - Our team is well versed in facilitating physical trades in all markets that we broker. Even in uncertain and turbulent conditions we are able to get deals done in a timely and efficient manner. PFL is in constant contact with participants to consistently develop the deepest liquidity, best prices, and the most seamless transactions in the market.

Structured Transactions/Supply Contracts

PFL creates and structures innovative products to better assist our clients in meeting their risk management needs. We work with our clients to effectively manage supply, demand, and price risk through structured transactions. This includes a variety of customized transactions.

PFL Introduces Water Works Advanced Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

Water Works products are the latest innovation in water based cleaning technology. Our solutions exceed the highest standards set forth for performance, safety, environmental compliance and material comparability. Whether needing a washer or a degreaser, Water Works offers aqueous cleaners that are environmentally friendly and VOC compliant. These products are also designed to reduce the surface tension and viscosity of contaminating oils by chemically emulsifying the hydrocarbons through a unique micro emulsion process. This allows contaminated surfaces to be rinsed clean, oil and film free. Click below for detailed product information.


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